Perfect Pups – classes offered on Monday & Saturday

Starting a puppy off right with proper socialization and education makes all the difference in the world.  Every day that passes is critical to your puppy’s development and learning.  Don’t miss out on this critical learning period in your pup’s life. Once this crucial window has closed, it can’t be reopened.
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This 7 week class is for pups between 8 and 18 weeks old. Your puppy will get a chance to properly socialize and play off leash with other puppies while learning some of the most important “people rules,” like come! This class utilizes your puppy’s greatest window of opportunity for learning. You will learn to teach your puppy foundation skills that will start your pup on the right path for life. You will strengthen your bond and build a balanced relationship while having fun teaching your PUPS to be PERFECT. There are discussions on puppy issues, such as housebreaking, biting, chewing, jumping up and good puppy management.  Do not bring your pup to the first class. The FIRST CLASS is a PEOPLE ONLY class – no puppies.

If time runs away on you and you miss the first couple of weeks of class, don’t worry — we accept enrollment in this class up to the third week of the session without compromising the learning experience.  Speak with one of our Customer Care Specialists for more details.

7:00pm Monday start dates:  July 10th and August 28th
10:00am Saturday start dates : July 22 and September 9th