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From puppy class to basic manners and beyond, Performance Plus has a class for you.

This 7 week class is for pups between 8 and 18 weeks old.  Your puppy will get a chance to socialize and play off leash with other puppies while learning some of the most important “people rules,” like come! This class utilizes your puppy’s greatest window of opportunity for learning.  You will learn to teach your puppy foundational skills that will start your pup on the right path for life.  You will strengthen your bond and build a balanced relationship while having fun teaching your PUPS to be PERFECT.  There are discussions on puppy issues, such as housebreaking, biting, chewing, jumping up and good puppy management.  Pre-registration required.  Two series of vaccinations recommended. Do not bring your pup to the first class.

A 7 week fun and fast-paced class designed for graduates of Perfect Pups. This 7 week program continues to strengthen and expand your pup’s foundational skills, as well as build your pup’s confidence.  Functional obedience commands such as sit, down,  and come will be reinforced.  Skills such as walking on a loose leash will be introduced.  We encourage our Perfect Pups class graduates to take advantage of this class.  It is time well spent.  One of the key benefits of this class and continued training is teaching your pup to pay attention to you in the presence of other dogs and people. You will help your pup learn vital lessons in how to be your best friend and an important participant in your everyday life.  This program enhances and deepens the whole learning and bonding experience.  Pre-registration -  Completion of Perfect Pups or equivalent required.

This 7 week positive, progressive class is for ALL DOGS over the age of 5 months.  Whether you have never trained your dog or have just let things slide and need to regain some control…BASIC MANNERS FOR EVERYDAY LIFE is for you.  The first class is a discussion of the method of training that will be used, the thought process of your dog, and the individual issues and concerns of each group.  The next six weeks will be spent practicing behaviors like coming when called, staying when told, walking nicely on a loose leash and learning how to control and communicate with your dog through basic obedience commands such as sit, down, and wait using lots of praise, treats and play to help your dog learn the exercises.  Problems and concerns of the group will be discussed.  Pre-registration -  Proof of rabies vaccination required.  Do not bring your dog to the first class. 

This is a 6 week fun and motivational class for dogs over the age of 6 months.  This class is strongly recommended for graduates of Basic Manners for everyday life. We also accept dogs from other programs that are friendly to people and other dogs and have mastered an equivalent of Basic Manners. The purpose of this class is to reinforce and broaden the skills you learned in Basic Manners.  It takes time and practice to build your training skills.  This 6 week program enhances your new skills and helps you to become more proficient in handling your dog.  Fun activities like jumping over jumps and running through tunnels are introduced. Many people enjoy this class so much they repeat it in order to polish their dog’s behavior in social situations.  Pre-registration -  Proof of rabies vaccination -  Completion of Basic Manners  or equivalent required.

This more advanced program builds on skills of focus and attitude.  All previous skills will be reinforced in a fun, relaxed manner. Some competition obedience maneuvers will be introduced.  Dogs and handlers practice accepting a friendly stranger, controlled walking, and walking past other dogs as they continue to work on paying attention while in the presence of other dogs and people.  We teach dog owners how to find solutions to problems they cannot solve, and how to keep learning and working with their dog.  You learn to communicate in a way that your dog will understand; therefore, you improve your relationship and strengthen your leadership position.  This class runs for 6 weeks. Many people enjoy this class so much they repeat it over and over again.  Pre-registration -  Proof of rabies vaccination -  Completion of Basic Manners Plus or equivalent required

The skills taught in all the other classes culminate here. In this 6 week class we work on all the elements required to pass the test for an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate. Some of the elements covered are stays with distraction, recalls with distraction, loose leash walking, accepting a friendly stranger, walking past other dogs, and sitting nicely for petting.  Testing will be done within a week of the conclusion of the class.  Pre-registration -  Proof of rabies vaccination -  Completion of Basic Manners Plus or equivalent required

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