‘How to Calm Your Canine’ Seminar with Jess Williams – June 10th!

Saturday June 10th ~ 1pm to 4pm

Anxiety is rampant everywhere in our world! Adults, children, and dogs are diagnosed with anxiety disorders daily. Some may interpret their dog’s behavior as high energy, but often fear, aggression, hyperactivity, and so on often all lead back to a dog that is feeling anxious. A dog with anxiety affects every member of the family. Vet visits can be challenging. Having the dog in the house while you work from home can seem nearly impossible. And even simple tasks like taking your dog for a walk around the block may often become overwhelming for both dog and owner and sometimes frankly feel like more trouble than it’s worth.

In this 3 hour presentation, Jess will provide in person demos with dogs performing the exact same exercises that you can easily implement with your own dogs at home. She will give detailed descriptions of case studies to help attendees better understand how they can approach anxiety cases within their own households. And she will loosely walk you through their famous online anxiety course How To Calm Your Canine. Jess will share the top strategies that she and her husband, Scott, have not only developed but have also had clients practicing with massive success for the past decade. And remember, even if your dog has decent obedience training, their mental state matters and affects everything and everyone. Emotional instability can lead to an unpredictable dog, so she shares all their secrets to promote and foster wellness. Jess will introduce attendees to concepts that they can begin implementing the very next morning with their own dogs to help to create a calmer living environment for all. The world provides enough tension as it is, the last thing any of us want or need is additional stress in our lives stemming from our dog’s behavior. To further assist and to continue to support owners, all attendees will receive free access to the online course How To Calm Your Canine as well as receive a digital copy of the accompanying How To Calm Your Canine eBook at the completion of the presentation.

Working spots: $125; Auditors: $75

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Please note that while this seminar is focused on dealing with dog’s anxiety, dogs attending should be able to be around other dogs and people without causing major disruptions.

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