The Power of Place Workshop

Friday July 26th ~ 3pm to 4:30pm

Place is one of the most useful skills we can teach our dogs! Put simply, “place” means “go to the spot I tell you and stay there until I release you.” This command will teach your dog how to settle in the face of distractions! You can enjoy dinner with company without your dog begging at the table or open the door without having to hold your dog back or stop them from jumping. It’s good for watching a movie or doing chores while your dog is in a secure place. Your dog can learn to go to their ‘place’ during any situation you want him included and safely out of the way.

The Place command can be used for guests coming over, outings, cooking, cleaning, calm yard behavior, camping, and so much more!! If you are feeling frustrated with a dog that jumps on to people, counter surfs, barks out the window, ect. don’t underestimate the power of place! Sign up today!

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